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My love for traveling in Africa
In the Serengeti of Africa

My love for traveling started at a young age. Maybe it’s because I moved a lot as a child and was never in one place for too long. Or maybe it’s because I went to college far from home and by default traveled to and from college every summer, stopping along the way to visit National Parks.

Whatever the reason, I became a traveler. My first international (if you can call it that) trip was to Cancun, Mexico, for spring break in college. Shortly after I graduated college, I started dating a man from England, and so my first authentic international trip was with him to Britain, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. We continued my love for traveling by purchasing a 1968 VW Camper Bus. We would take trips with our two dogs to Utah, Colorado, Nevada, and Northern California. I guess you could say we were hippy-ish.

Later when I returned home (Maryland), my love for traveling continued as I yearned to go back west. Maryland was full of traffic, cars, and pavement. I wanted peace. I wanted to go “home” to Colorado. I didn’t travel for quite a while until I got a “real” job and became independent.

I always had a love for animals and as such, most of my trips revolve around seeing unique wildlife and experiencing calmness. My trips do not involve lengthy visits to cities to see architecture or fancy churches. I want to get out of the city and into the peace. I want to enjoy nature.

If these experiences click with you, please explore my site and learn about how my love for traveling has taken me to Costa Rica, Panama, Africa, Peru, Ecuador, and the USA. Who knows? Maybe you will be motivated to travel to a place you had not thought of before?


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    August 12, 2021 by

    I have been wishfully thinking that international travel would be back and running in 2021. I was wrong. Since the pandemic we have been on two road trips (both to the deep south). Our last trip in February 2021 included Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Alabama. We chose the South because of less restrictions and the… Read more

  • Getting Outside

    June 15, 2021 by

    Every year I get together with friends and do a canoe trip down the Patuxent River in Maryland. It’s always a lot of fun and while we encounter downed trees along the way that require some maneuvering, it’s these obstacles that create the memories. Every year we wonder if that huge tree will still be… Read more

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