Traveling in Costa Rica

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I’ve been to Costa Rica three times (and I would go back)!

There are still places yet to explore in CR. We visited in 2009 for our honeymoon which was a great sampling of the country. In 2017 we visited with the goal of seeing my favorite animal: the anteater. In 2019 after my husband bid on a trip to Costa Rica (ended up being somewhat of a scam) we visited more of the country. Each trip had something different to experience – whether it be unique animals such as the tapir and anteater or experiencing local culture and customs. I would highly recommend a vacation in Costa Rica. In order to see the most of the country I would say 7 days minimum although I feel like 10-14 days is a better timeframe. Below are the places we have been.

For our trips to Costa Rica in 2009 and 2017, we used a travel planner. Everything was organized from pick up from the airport, hotel/resort stays, excursions, flights, and transportation from each destination. It was a totally stress free experience. Below is her contact information (she does best via email).

Victoria Harvey
Classic Travel Unlimited, Inc.
PO Box 324
Capon Springs, WV 26823
410.420.0613 or 800.847.3416

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