Panama Trip Ideas

If you’ve been to Costa Rica a couple times, then its time to visit Panama. In my opinion (after 1 visit so far) it is less touristy than Costa Rica. Its not quite as tourist friendly but it’s getting there. They have the same wildlife with less people! I actually saw more sloths in Panama than I have in Costa Rica. I also saw wild peccaries on the Pipeline Trail in Gamboa which was pretty cool. I’m planning another trip this year so will have more to offer when I return. If you are interested in getting some Panama trip ideas read about my 2017 trip and take a peak at my itinerary planned for 2020.

Staying Motivated and Sane

So its been a while since my last post. I’ve been working from home and essentially had more time but have been finding myself less motivated. At the start of the pandemic I was cleaning out the house per Marie Kondo’s advise on Tidying Up. I had all my shirts folded just right and threw …

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