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The pandemic has hit overseas travel hard. Most people are now choosing to explore the United States rather than travel abroad, both because it’s risky and in many cases, just not possible. The United States is so beautiful and has so much variety to see: mountains, beaches, prairies, forests, wetlands…. And there is so much diversity in culture and food, you can spend years traveling around the U.S. and still have not experienced it all.

In October 2020, my husband, our two dogs, and myself decided to go on an old fashioned road trip to the Natchez Trace Parkway, Alabama, Nashville, and the Blue Ridge Parkway. We enjoyed the culture and people in the South so much we went on another road trip to the Deep South in February 2021.

This fall we are planning two more road trips: Trip 1) Utah/Las Vegas and Trip 2) Nevada/Las Vegas. Below is our itinerary and things places we’d like to explore.

Trip 1: Utah and Las Vegas


Things to Do

Trip 2: Nevada and Las Vegas


Things to Do

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I have been wishfully thinking that international travel would be back and running in 2021. I was wrong. Since the pandemic we have been on two road trips (both to the deep south). Our last trip in February 2021 included Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Alabama. We chose the South because of less restrictions and the …

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Every year I get together with friends and do a canoe trip down the Patuxent River in Maryland. It’s always a lot of fun and while we encounter downed trees along the way that require some maneuvering, it’s these obstacles that create the memories. Every year we wonder if that huge tree will still be …

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