Visiting Namibia and Botswana

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This Summer 2020, I will be visiting Namibia and Botswana. UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 our trip is postponed until 2022.

The idea of Namibia came from meeting a British couple when I was in Galapagos that had recently traveled there and raved about it. I am partial to the desert environment. There is something peaceful and calming about sand and lack of vegetation and the ability of animals to survive in such a hostile environment.

This trip will combine the beauty of the Namibian desert with the riverine habitat of the Okavango Delta in Botswana. While in Namibia, we will not only experience uniquely adapted species like the desert elephant but also experience the local tribal culture. Botswana will be a completely different experience with species adapted for the Okavango River and the hopes of seeing the endangered wild dog. If you have an interest in this trip, please review the 19 day itinerary below. If you have a personal experience with this part of Africa, please post your experiences and recommendations in the comment section at the end.

Visiting Namibia and Botswana


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