Getting Outside

Every year I get together with friends and do a canoe trip down the Patuxent River in Maryland. It’s always a lot of fun and while we encounter downed trees along the way that require some maneuvering, it’s these obstacles that create the memories. Every year we wonder if that huge tree will still be there or if there will be a new obstacle in our way. It takes teamwork to lift all the rigs up and over these large trunks. After the trip, we sit back and relax over BBQ and beers.

Life is about memories. Yes, it does take a little work to get people together and share an activity but in the end it’s so worth it! I encourage you to find time in your busy schedule to get together with family and friends and make your own memories. If you have an interest in purchasing a kayak and making your own floating memories, check them out here at REI.

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