Photographing your Memories

As I finish up another page (Costa Rica 2017) I come to the realization that most of my pictures just aren’t very good. I had a point and shoot camera that I paid $250 for and at the time I thought “Wow! I really have a good camera.” This was before my purchase of my Canon EOS Rebel T7i in 2019 (much more than $250). How could I have spent all that money on travel expenses to see my favorite animal, the anteater, and not have gotten one good shot? How can I tell a story of my adventures with only mediocre and blurry pictures? The pictures are a big part of the story.

I am planning a big trip next July to Namibia and Botswana and you can bet I will have the pictures this time to match the magnificence of these countries. I recently purchased a new lens for my camera (Tamron 18-400). I never thought I’d be a “shutterbug” as my husband calls me. I find myself trying to increase my knowledge and capabilities. I even took a photography class at my local community college and signed up for a monthly subscription of Lightroom and Photoshop so I can make my photos look amazing.  

As I have become mildly obsessed with getting that perfect shot I have also realized that I need to take a step backwards. This means putting down the camera and enjoying the moment whether it be the sounds and sights of the macaws in Costa Rica or just observing rhinos drinking from a watering hole in Tanzania.

Whatever your next adventure leads you, don’t forget to take those unforgettable photos but remember to step back and enjoy the moment as well.

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