Staying Motivated and Sane

So its been a while since my last post. I’ve been working from home and essentially had more time but have been finding myself less motivated. At the start of the pandemic I was cleaning out the house per Marie Kondo’s advise on Tidying Up. I had all my shirts folded just right and threw away bags and bags of stuff.

As the pandemic lingers on, my motivation started to come to a halt. No longer was I cooking healthy foods and going to Pilates. Who wants to wear a mask when you work out? I gained the “COVID 10” or maybe it was 15 but whose counting? I mean the world was in chaos and who knows what tomorrow might bring so why not eat chicken wings and binge on beer?

In October, I decided to foster a dog, Garth, through the National Great Pyrenees Rescue. We increased our herd from two dogs to three dogs and our house now has 300 lbs of dog running around in it. I suffer from moderate anxiety and Garth has been a great support dog. Garth has a higher energy level than we’re used to so my husband and myself now walk all 3 dogs everyday. Getting outside is a great stress reliever! At least once on our walk one of our neighbors driving by stops to chat. Being able to talk to others and that human interaction is what we are all craving right now.

So I guess my message is try to stay motivated. Turn the news off and get outside. And if you must work have some companions to help! By the way Garth is up for adoption!

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