Vacation in Mexico

Vacation in Mexico

Hello and happy National Vacation Day (6 days late)! Apparently I’m still on vacation in Mexico as I couldn’t get this written in time. I just got back from a week long stay at TRS Yucatan all-inclusive resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico booked through Funjet Vacations. Through Funjet, I was able to book hotel, flight, transportation from the airport, travel insurance, and it was all refundable!

The trip was delayed by 2 days due to a massive snow storm that hit us, but luckily I had travel insurance and my travel agent was able to reschedule everything. Anyone that knows me is aware that this is not my normal vacation but I’m starting to think that I could get use to butler service, a private pool, and fancy restaurants!

Our private heated pool

Traveling in the world today is difficult with COVID restrictions. Many countries are limiting which tourists can visit. As an example, Greece only allows European Union (EU) tourists into their country right now. Most countries are requiring a vaccine and a negative COVID test to enter. Some countries allow for non-vaccinated tourists but require a 7 day quarantine once you get into the country. Whose got time for that? What happens if you test positive right before you leave for your vacation? Where-ever you decide to visit, be aware that currently the U.S. requires a negative rapid COVID test 24 hours before your departure back to the states.

One of the few countries that has no COVID restrictions is Mexico which is one of the reasons why we chose this destination. The other was cost and weather. Mexico was the best bang for our buck with less hassles and warm weather.

I’m still working on becoming an affiliate for Funjet Vacations so I can get a commission from referrals so stay tuned. In the mean time if you’d like to support my blogs, then next time you shop on Amazon please visit the site through this affiliate link. It’d be nice to at least get paid for the cost of my website which currently is over $300 a year excluding hours and hours of my time.

To read about my recent trip to Mexico please visit my website. It’s not too late to vacation in Mexico this winter!

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